Friday, January 06, 2012

WD-40... found!

Thought the hardest thing to warm up would be the social engine. During term breaks, my tendency is to hibernate in my cave and keep contact with others to a minimum. Conversation reduces to terse interaction with vendors, limited to a couple of perfunctory lines of dialogue, if any at all. So one of the biggest adjustments I have to make at the new year is having to become a social participant again. After a long-ish silence, would I have the words and the wit to fit back into polite society?

Fortunately, the company I keep makes it easy to get right back in the game. It doesn't matter if we're wandering around Gardens like the Flying Dutchman looking for a decent cafe to have some tea and ending up at the Wang Cafe for kopi and kaya toast; the banter is light and the talk is good-humoured. It's great to be back among friends!

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