Sunday, January 01, 2012

Wrap-around sound

My first expense of the year went to a D.Lab DBH-501 bluetooth headset only because Challenger offered it as a membership points redemption item. The details of the offer were not well explained in the email, which I took to mean that it was available in exchange for 2500 points.

This is how the deal actually went: 2500 points is exchangeable for a $30 voucher, which coincidentally is just the amount for renewing (or opening) a membership account. As a sign-up incentive, they let you buy the headset at 50% off, i.e., $49.50 (U.P. $99).

I thought the offer over for a day before going back to put my money down on the counter. Reasons: 1) my points were expiring soon and it's unlikely that I would use them for anything else in the offer catalogue; 2) the offer price is the best I've seen for other similar items on the market; 3) I've always wanted an untethered headset 'cos I keep strangling myself with the corded earbuds on my iPod.

As for the 501 unit, it's a snug fit, so it won't easily get jostled off my ears even if I went running (which I never do), and it also functions as a hands-free phone unit if I want to pair it with my cell. I'm no audiophile, so I can't comment on sonic fidelity, but I can hear my music clearly enough. Got what I paid for, I guess.

Now all that's left is to pick up enough confidence to walk around the streets looking like a cyborg.

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