Monday, February 27, 2012

Time out

Think I've been working too hard and getting abnormally stressed over it. But not just me, apparently. Everyone's been having a tough week for different reasons. Whether it's the quagmire of dealing with a new subject, or bulk supply orders going awry, or kids acting up, we've been fighting lots of little fires all over the place. And it's only Week 9. :p

Am sincerely grateful for short coffee breaks and little impromptu birthday celebrations with friends. That's always kept me sane, though I don't recall seeing it on this list of stress relieving tips. I think it should be #1 on the list. Maybe people generally don't make friends at work?

1 comment:

Elim said...

never mind. LL & I are always happy to go out for a little snack or two with you, leaving kids in the capable hands of she-who-knows-her-stuff. ^^