Friday, April 27, 2012

Fluffy handful

On our way to lunch, Elim and I found this little fella casually lounging on a step just outside the college side-gate. As she and I both already have a menagerie at home, we had to be hard-hearted and say 'no' to a new addition to our respective families. Fortunately, this furball looked cute and knew how to flirt with passers-by. A bunch of our kids had gathered around and a few were discussing their adoption options out loud. Hope he (or she?) finds a good home with one of them.


masterofboots said...

what is one more to a menagerie?

Min Seah said...

it'll become a circus in which the animals will have to work for their own keep. they like their lives as they are, thanks.

Elim said...

You could start making your own kitty youtube videos. And then my kitties could guest-star. How's that?