Monday, June 25, 2012

Location, location, location

As the mid-term marking season plods on, the talking point of the day is suggesting the best places to get marking done.

There is a premium on being the first to spill the beans on the coolest, hippest, newest, caffeine-enriched locations that tolerate lead-butted patrons who hog the table with piles of reading materials. But you'll get no such tip from me.

My fave marking location is to sneak an unoccupied classroom, windows open, one fan activated (no air-con) and a couple of rows of lights on. Working in isolation with nothing and no one to distract me, I can be quite the grading machine.

For breaks, I have an abundance of floor space to practice crazy walks on, and a panoramic view of the neighbouring blocks beyond the running track. Yay. It should also be near enough to the campus cafe and to the toilet, yet far enough to have to think twice about abandoning my stuff for a quick cuppa or sprinkle.

Such luxury is hard to come by, though. Have to make the best use of it this week while everyone is on exam-mode. This self-imposed exile is also a penance for not being as diligent as I should have been over the mid-term break. :p

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