Friday, June 29, 2012

To Riang we go!

A toast to HP to celebrate a slightly belated birthday! (And to whatever it was that Josh and Wayne were celebrating).

We made the staff of La Pizzaiola and Wimbly Lu really happy with our entourage of lunch seekers. These two trendy establishments are housed in neighbouring shophouses on Jalan Riang.

The former serves an Italian menu. The portions are generous for the price; and full of rich, strong, hearty flavours. Whether it's the Parma ham, the creamy mozzarella, the fresh rocket or the robust lasagne, the tastebuds sing with every mouthful. The impact can be a bit much for some people, though.  Fortunately, there are others at the table who are less finicky and will gladly clean up leftovers and table scraps to minimize wastage.

The pix (above) is of Wimbly Lu's s'mores pie: a blend of chopped marshmallows baked over a layer of cream over a layer of chocolate, held together by a crumbly biscuit crust. Looks sweet, was sweet. Discovered that despite having a high tolerance for pasta cream, I got to saturation rather quickly with sweet, creamy dessert. Perhaps if Elim hadn't been distracting me with our Plants vs Zombies co-op game, I might have passed on my dessert to somebody else with a sweeter tooth than me. Never mind, curiosity sated. Next time, I'll go back to the root beer cake a la mode.

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