Sunday, November 04, 2012

The name's Little, Chicken Little

After "Skyfall" can anybody really justify why 007, James Bond, is still on the British taxpayers' payroll?

Warning: SPOILERS follow

Let's do a run-down of the events that occur in this installment:

  1. Save Agent Ronson's life -- Ronson dies
  2. Retrieve stolen laptop hard disk -- gets hit by friendly fire, target escapes
  3. Goes on unauthorised three-month vacation -- MI6 gets blown up
  4. Reports back for duty -- fails every field agent test in the book
  5. Captures Silva -- Macao contact killed
  6. Holding Silva -- Silva escapes
  7. Protect British public -- subway disaster; Wesminster gets heavily shot up
  8. Protect M -- Bond ancestral home, "Skyfall", blown to smithereens; M doesn't make it
  9. Receive M's legacy -- gets M's favourite paperweight... and new boss is Lord Voldemort himself!

So, did Bond even get one thing right in this story? No wonder they say civil servants live off an iron ricebowl.

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