Tuesday, February 26, 2013

To be fixed

This poor fellow is a recent arrival to the void deck of a neighbouring block. He's very friendly... which is how he ended up in our cage. We're helping our local cat welfare chapter neuter strays and this guy is a prime candidate for fixin'. He'll be be picked up in the morning by a fellow cat caretaker and taken to the vet; after which he'll be released to recuperate where we found him downstairs.

I feel sorry for him, though. Confined to a tiny cage all night and made to fast before his 'procedure', he hasn't stopped crying since we brought him home. I feel your pain, l'il buddy. But it's for your own good.

Edit 01: Oops, the boy was already fixed. Oh, well, just to make his overnight stay in our cage worthwhile, he got a health screen and his ear clipped.

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Anonymous said...

the clipped ear is very important! --elim