Saturday, May 18, 2013

Sports Carny 2013

Here I am traversing one of the high elements structures on campus during Sports Carny 2013. This station was one of my more successful attempts, being that it was the easiest of the four stations I signed up to try.

Abseiling was an abject failure as I lost my footing on the wall and couldn't get back, resulting in an ignominious lowering back to ground level like a rag doll on a harness.

The Huggies is a tightrope along which are suspended grab ropes and, well, things to hug for stability. My initial attempt at this station caused a near unstoppable wobble along the cable until I was advised to cross sideways and I learned to grab my supports using alternating hands rather than rely on just one with the other holding on for dear life to the belay rope.

My final station was the Confidence Leap: launching myself off a platform to smack a target ball suspended a couple of meters ahead, all the while trusting that the three belayers below could support 80kg of flying meat.

Closest thing to bungee jumping 'cos what appears to be a free-fall isn't. It's only the moment when you dive off the platform that you're truly airborne, the rest of the way down you're just being lowered gently and slowly till touchdown.

In case you're wondering, that's not me in the pix (Left). One does not take a self-portrait in mid-air -- too much shake for the shot to turn out well.

In other news: dNYel won the staff race for once! The gold medal winning effort was an historic moment for us. Very proud of BLoh, Gerald C, WR, the new Josh, and JoLee for proving that English teachers can run too.

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