Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Magnum Oh PUS

PUS has been keeping me busy this week, which explains the couple of belated posts below.

My job as facilitator for a conglomerate of participants hailing from three separate institutions is a tough balancing act between aggregating many different ideas and perspectives from all these very enthusiastic young 'uns and distilling a consolidated idea from the group.

The other difficulty is in communicating the consolidated idea back to the group in a way that they 1) understand, and 2) still believe it was their idea in the first place -- which it is... but with some assembly on my part.

Meryl helped too, despite the fact that she just got married over the weekend. Hats off to her and my fellow PUStules who have to camp out with the kids throughout the four day three night experience 'cos they're organizing the event. Awesome job, ppl!

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