Monday, July 01, 2013

Weighed down

This is what Tasha was like when I came home from work. Lethargic, depressed, even. The cone puts a lot of stress and added weight on her neck, so she can't jump or otherwise be the naughty little thing she usually is. It turns out that the cone has been quite ineffective, anyway. Apparently, when her underparts were shaved during the op prep, she may have got a bit of razor burn and that's what's been bothering her. By this morning, she'd scratched that bit raw. With a patch of epidermis scraped off, it looked really horrid. We had to cover it, but her T-shirts were the midriff-baring types, so they were no good. What June ended up making her wear is a piece of cut-out tights, long enough to do the job. Brainwave, I think.

Now cone-free, she's so much happier and almost back to her normal self. She's already destroyed her brand new pig skin chew toy... in minutes.

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