Saturday, August 03, 2013


We're fast becoming regulars at Sun Ray. Consider it a default choice due to factors of proximity, friendly service, good food and dog welcome policy.

Looks healthy. Tastes great. Kept cold throughout the meal. It was both a drink and a dessert.

Sup du jour: crustacean-corn. June said it was too salty. I concurred. Then I realized it was probably my fault. The pepper grinder incorporated a salt grinder that I didn't notice before. So a liberal sprinkling of pepper came with a corresponding amount of salt as well. Design flaw.

Seafood spaghetti aglo olio. Nice, but I saved my stomach for...

the strip loin. As usual, served with the correct doneness of rare, with the rind of cow fat left intact. So good.

Btw, no more weekend set menu, we were told today. Never mind. What we wanted wouldn't have been included in the set anyway.

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