Saturday, September 14, 2013

You're so myType!

Ohboy! What's arrived in the mail? Could it be...?

It's my myType bluetooth keyboard! Made of silicone, it's light and squeezes into my jeans pocket easily. I'm actually typing this entry on my mobile device and it works very nicely. What has surprised me is that it arrived before I really expected it to. I'm used to seriously long delays ordering stuff through Kickstarter, but this one showed up as promised. Fantastic!

As you can see, the keys are small and misaligned between the left and right sides of the keyboard. It's not difficult to adapt to this oddity, but this is to allow it to fold flat in half, making it compact and pocket-friendly, It's soft and flexible too. But if you want to carry it in a purse or a bag, you can put it in its carrier just to be neat. The carrier also holds the charging cable. One charge lasts for weeks, apparently. Let's find out.

Typing on a 4.8" screen  Is hard òn the eyes, though. Maybe it's time to consider acquiring a full-sized tablet...? One defect I just noticed: the @ and " symbols are switched! Something else to get used to.

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