Sunday, October 20, 2013

At the Cornerstone

Exploring more dog-friendly eateries with Tasha. Here, we're brunching al fresco  at Cornerstone, in Bishan Park. The service is very good: prompt and polite. Even the gardener ambled over, swiped Tasha's water dish most unexpectedly, emptied it into the bushes and walked away with it. While we were still blinking in amazement, he returned it with a fresh refill of water. A nice, if dramatic, flair for service in that guy.

Maybe it was still early and the crowd hadn't built up yet, but food arrived within five minutes of our order. The sup du jour was this sweet, creamy pumpkin soup. Mmm... smooth.

Our side order of onion rings was fresh and crispy, though a little bit oily. Nice if you have someone to share them with, but probably too much if you're dining alone. The dog can't help. Dogs don't eat onions. No matter how hard they beg.

This full rack of BBQ pork ribs is also meant for sharing. Very tender, the meat falls right off the bone and makes for clean eating. BBQ sauce was sweet and tangy. For best results, ditch cutlery, engage fingertips. Gave a bone to Tasha to gnaw on, but she just kept tossing it around instead, like she didn't know what else to do with it. Silly girl.

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