Saturday, October 05, 2013

'Just teach'

When I hear calls for fixing the system so that teachers can 'just teach' and not have to juggle administration, CCA, committee work and a myriad other tasks that a modern day teacher is expected to perform, my impulse is to give the complainant a smack and a reality check.

If the teacher's only job was to 'just teach' we're limiting what a student can learn from our one-dimensional existence. In preparing our kids for life, we too have to experience life in all its facets, whether they are to our liking or not. The kids are eventually going out into the world where they are going to face a variety of demands and a job scope beyond 'just work'. So here's a steaming mug of fresh coffee for your somnolent state. Inhale deeply.

Then there are days like today when I'm buried under a host of other tasks besides my timetabled expectations. Feh. All one can do is priortize. Some people will just have to live with disappointment.

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