Saturday, October 19, 2013

Maui's new diet

Speaking of the cost to feed pets, Maui's special prescription diet alone costs $40 a week for 12 wet food pouches. Fortunately, the wife found a dry food alternative in KL. This pack of dry kibble also costs about $40 by rough conversion and it should last him weeks. This is the 3kg pack. Next trip up to KL, a 6kg pack is coming back.

The kibble are these flat disc-shaped granules that smell quite nice. The other non-UTI cats in the household would help themselves to Maui's share if he wasn't able to defend his bowl from foreign incursion. Fortunately, he is.

Kasey gave Maui an encouraging health report. His incision is healing nicely, struvite traces in the urine sample were very low and the bladder damage is no longer as extensive as it was a week or so ago. So now the daily dosage of anti-inflammatory is down to 1mg and Maui can look forward to having his Elizabethan collar (a.k.a. lampshade) removed in a couple of days.

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