Thursday, November 21, 2013

Long walk: by dog

I Tasha! Erm, no, I mean, 'Anonymous'! I taking over my stupid human owner's blog to protest my mistreatment!!!

Stupid owner taking me on a loooong walk. His idea was to walk from Kent Ridge Park to the Henderson Waves. We got lost once, retraced our steps then found out that the path was right all along! Extra 2 km added to a 12 km route.

Henderson Waves at midday. No shade! Only mad Englishmen and dogs go out in the noonday sun. My owner is not an Englishman, but he is mad.

Oh, my Dog! Crossed the bridge -- for no purpose! Then crossed back. Why???

Yay! Water break!

The Forest Walk is very high. If you look down, it's so scary! But where my stupid owner walks, I must follow anyway. Stupid pink leash.

Finally! Back at the Hort Park. Five minutes to rest and drink more water at the pool. I not liking pools. Places where they have more water than I can drink is scary.

 Ah! The reward for a long walk is a fat sirloin steak, medium-rare at the Colbar which welcomes dogs like me!

Aaa...! This is my biggest complaint! My stupid owner so stingypoke! Ate the whole plateful and only left me three tiny beef cubes of lean meat. Even the gravy he cleaned off first! Haiz.

Total walking distance: 14.1 km. I have proof! I never walk so far in all my life!

And who sleeping in my comfy bed while I was out??? Ah, me, such a tough life, I having!

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