Friday, December 20, 2013

Holiday gas tank syndrome

Achievement unlocked! First time ever, M2 crossed the 500 km odometer reading on a single tank of gas. Under 'normal' circumstances, at the 450 mark, a visit to the gas station is due. Yes, there's probably such a thing as 'Holiday Gas Tank Syndrome' (HGTS). When we're on vacation, we select our drive routes and most optimal drive times, avoiding the rush hour crowds. So instead of expending fuel stuck in a jam, we're chalking up more kilometres for every unit of fuel burnt. Still, hitting 500 km before the first warning indicator lights up is an unprecedented feat for M2.

By the time a thirsty M2 got his drink, he'd travelled 501.1 km. Doing the math, fuel consumption was 14.16 km/l, or about 32 mpg (US). Sure, it's not the most energy efficient engine out there, but it's the best performance M2's given so far.

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