Saturday, March 02, 2013

Exit, stage left

Friday evening, we attended Tina's memorial (above) dressed in our old "z-Friends" costumes. Comprising a solid colour T-shirt underneath denim overalls, this was what we wore for our street gigs. Using (or rather, misusing) buckets and mops, we devised many ridiculous scenarios such as "astronauts"; "circus" and "Olympics" for the purpose of entertaining children and for other fringe activities. Of course, my set of overalls had gotten tight over the years. Sigh.

Anyway, a number of very eloquent people said a lot of very nice things about Tina which we all could nod to. Her straightness of back; her humility; her giving of herself to project, people and the community; her sense of quick-witted and spontaneous fun; her discipline; her genuineness; her respect for others regardless of age, background or experience... and so many other things we will miss now that she's gone.

So with red wine and white wine, masala tea and tetra-pak drinks, we toasted Tina even as we vowed to keep her memory alive while we kept theatre alive and thriving even though one of our biggest prime movers has exited, stage left for her curtain-call of great applause.

Friday, March 01, 2013

Not easily won

I once told x13 that we weren't scholar material. Every bit of success we got would not have been easily obtained, but rather the result of a very hard slog through blood, sweat and tears. Guess what? They girded up, put their noses to the grindstone and started grinding.

I've never taken a CT before that produced multiple distinction achievers at the 'A' Levels... until now. I shouldn't take pride in an achievement based on an effort not my own, but I can't help but be proud of x13 for their determination to do well and the grit to pull it off in the end. Very nicely done, kids!

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

To be fixed

This poor fellow is a recent arrival to the void deck of a neighbouring block. He's very friendly... which is how he ended up in our cage. We're helping our local cat welfare chapter neuter strays and this guy is a prime candidate for fixin'. He'll be be picked up in the morning by a fellow cat caretaker and taken to the vet; after which he'll be released to recuperate where we found him downstairs.

I feel sorry for him, though. Confined to a tiny cage all night and made to fast before his 'procedure', he hasn't stopped crying since we brought him home. I feel your pain, l'il buddy. But it's for your own good.

Edit 01: Oops, the boy was already fixed. Oh, well, just to make his overnight stay in our cage worthwhile, he got a health screen and his ear clipped.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Keep the memory

As the wife and I are getting over our loss of Q-tip, Elim so thoughtfully shared this handwritten poem with us. Though sometimes we want to forget the pain of separation, it's also good to keep the memory of our happier times together. That way, Q-tip will always be a part of us and have meant something special to us.

"until we meet above"!