Saturday, April 13, 2013

1st day of school

It's time for little Tasha to go to school and learn some basic obedience. Not that she's been particularly naughty, or anything, but if she's going to live in a human world and interact with other people and their dogs, it's good for her to live by a set of predictable rules.

As with every kid attending school for the first time, there are certain circumstances to get used to. Our trainer is the choke chain type. He explained that the choke chain does not harm the dog no matter how small, but is a form of effective communication between dog and handler. As you can see, she doesn't like it much. The metal chain and clasp are kinda' heavy and they drag the floor. But we have to accustom her to it anyway as it's going to play a major role in her training regimen.

After 10 weeks, with consistent daily practice, she should learn heel, stay, sit, stand, come. In the meantime, young as she is, she's demonstrating a disturbing affinity for her handsome male classmates. She was practically drooling over the demonstrator, an English sheepdog -- like a 14-year old going starry-eyed over the confident senior jock. Hmm... better keep an eye on this one.

Now free of the choke chain, she's clearly less distressed. Well, it isn't meant to stay on forever.