Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Director's reservations

I've never been so freaked out over a performance this close to curtain. My little 10-minute offering is still in pieces and I've been adding to it until there's far too little time to rehearse all the ideas I have. While the core cast have been quite committed, they're still very inexperienced and I estimate we need at least another week to get it up to satisfactory. There are peripheral cast purely for gags as well, but I've decided to cut them as they need even more time before they are ready to perform the kind of physical comedy called for. Instead of milking the script for laughs, my new objective is just go minimalist and impress the audience with precision delivery instead. It'll have to do.

Perhaps it was a mistake to be director and cast member at the same time. As Producer I should be looking after the overall show, but my focus is too tight and narrow and I've let a lot of other things slip. Fortunately LL's there to pick up the slack. But some things are too little, too late.

Curtain up on Friday. Yikes!

Sunday, May 05, 2013

Pebbles is two!

"It's my 2nd birthday. Is everything in readiness for the celebrations like I asked?"

"We're working as quickly as we can, milord!"

The eclairs are looking especially tempting

"Yes, this spread is satisfactory. Well done, humans!"

"Die, cake, die!"

"Meh. Wake me up when it's all over."