Saturday, September 07, 2013

The shape of the dog

Tasha gets a new do after a couple of weeks looking like a scruffy pudgebag. After taking the excess fluff off, she looks like her normal, poodle-slim self again. 

Still have to watch her weight, though -- her once V-shaped torso is starting to become more parallel.

Oh, Tasha, now you're just being goofy!

Sunday, September 01, 2013

Small celebration at Sun Ray

Celebrated someone's belated birthday and someone else's be-earlied birthday at our favourite pet cafe.

The pet in question is always happy to be here.

Apart from socializing with handsome boy dogs, she also got a dish of boiled salmon, all to herself.

 Her owners went with a salmon fillet...

and a rare striploin that was still a tad more done than was appreciated.

No complaints about the chocolate lava cake, though! Served with a side of vanilla ice-cream in the little cup in the background. Yumz!