Saturday, January 11, 2014

Dearly beloved...

It's a massive milestone reached when the kids you taught ten years ago have a reunion of sorts on the occasion of one of them attaining matrimonial bliss. It's true that you never forget your first, and this bunch is the very first batch I saw through a full two-year term. Amazingly, I remembered each one around the table by name, and what they were like as students with a clarity that subsequent batches would never surpass. Now that they're grown up so much -- a number of whom I can call colleagues in the education fraternity; others have challenging, yet satisfying occupations in the private sector; and some have started their own families already -- it made me really happy to see them again in a setting in which we regard each other as respected equals. To the Loonie one: the dinner was lovely, the company was perfect, and you were a radiant bride. Congratulations, and may God prosper your union all the days of your lives!

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