Sunday, April 25, 2004

"Friendship Sunday" (to us) means a potluck breakfast before service. There are regular entries, staples more like, such as Tony's super excellent bee hoon cooked in fresh chicken stock the night before. This is the one thing that June and I make a bee-line for as soon as we arrive. It is light, dry and liberally sprinkled with crispy vegetables and beancurd skin (I think that's what it is). A monthly treat that cannot be missed.
June's contribution to breakfast is also a staple, and also a great favourite. Egg salad sandwiches. She uses Gardenia white bread which she cuts into quarters once they have been filled. The filling is made of mashed (doesn't have to be too finely mashed) hard boiled eggs with a dash of cooking sherry, some finely chopped spring onions and parsely, two tablespoons of Kraft mayo and a tablespoon or so of dijon mustard mixed in to taste. Exact proportions have to be the result of personal experimentation, trial-and-error. Ideally, the filling should be well mixed but have a pasty, viscous consistency rather than runny. Not a good idea to have sandwich overflows during a buffet-style meal. Also, the filling should be prepared the night before and only used just before serving (or transport as the case is with us) to avoid the bread getting soggy. Thanks to Jen Lim for generously sharing her recipe with us. It's made many breakfasters happy at 930 SAC.

Cable guy was just here. Our cable channels tumble on occasion and we have finally got irritated enough to call Starhub to see what they can do. Just our luck. Cable guy arrives to find our cable decoder behaving perfectly nicely, no signs of giving trouble at all. He's gone and switched cable boxes on us and now we're just hoping for the best.

June reminded me that we haven't seen our respective parents in what has become several weeks! Everyone has been so busy. So, we're visiting my folks tonight and will arrange to visit June's folks sometime next week. How neglectful we have been. Sorry.

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