Sunday, April 18, 2004

Lazy, lazy, lazy. Got zilch accomplished though June was busy. Q-tip got her bath and the floor is clean again. Bought bamboo poles to hang our clothes out to dry on; red, yellow, yellow. Sold off our VCD player (still in good working condition) and our VHS player (confession: I bent a transistor or something trying to remove a stuck tape and now it's screwy). Karang guni man paid us $5 for each appliance, hence we made a killing on our VCD player which we got for free! Not too happy about our VHS, though. June bought a replacement with only 2 heads and the one we got rid of had 4! Heartache.
Thought of having steamed crab for dinner but the crabs available downstairs were small & pathetic looking. So we settled for 1 durian for dessert instead. Very yellow, flesh curiously triple layered. One tougher outer layer, creamy centre layer and another tough layer close to the seed. Taste -- dee...licious, wish we had bought another.
Oh yeah, got a haircut too. Young whippersnapper of a barber asked, "A lot of hair falling out, ah? Why, ah?" I like him, he gives me the best haircuts -- made me look like a Marine just before my Hawaii trip last year -- but please spare me the running commentary on my state of alopecia, thank you.
A most unremarkable day. I am grateful.

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