Monday, April 26, 2004

This week promises to be mad. I'm arranging for our campus to be invaded by another college and I've inadvertently 'volunteered' myself for fatigue duty -- helping to carry and arrange chairs in the hall for 500+ audience members! Me and my big mouth. Luckily, our furniture store only has 200+ chairs so most of the audience will have to sit on the floor. Also stage arrangements have to be done, but I think I have a handle on that, thanks to Mr Pao. I've got till tomorrow to sort out and make directional signs, "Hall this way --->," "TOILETS --->," etc. Should I arrange for volunteer ushers as well? Do I have time? My brain's scrambled right now. And that's just for Wednesday.
Thursday I'm overseeing the stage arrangements (again) and the AV setup (again) for our VIP guest speaker to the whole year 2 cohort. I'll be glad when this week's over.
Also by Wednesday, I have to confirm the number of students who want to visit P. Tekong, but I'll just peg it at 150 pax, as allocated. I'm sure I'll find takers for this once-in-a-lifetime experience for many of our students.
NYeDC is going to be busy as well, with 3 rehearsals this week. Friday's rehearsal is a sort of tech run at the Chinese High stage, venue of the SYF Drama this year as every year. Will I get a Saturday off this week? One can only hope.
Had my weekly bowling session at SAFRA with Anthony and Wendy. It's never too early to start training for next year's Tourney. But Monday evenings might be a little inconvenient after SYF; I want to attend the open rehearsals at Mime Unlimited again. Miss all the stretching and toning. Feel so out of shape. Look it, too! Could also use a confidence boost and work a production at the same time. Oh yeah. Tonight's 3-game average: 143, not bad, I guess, but lots of room for improvement still.
Funny, I don't usually blog my future plans so far in advance. Must have been a boring day.

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