Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Boy, the last two entries were a pair of downers. Well, I didn't promise "happy happy joy joy" all the time. I am pursuing the truth and that's my way of getting my thoughts out in the open else I'll always be wondering why I am feeling the way I do. This is a teacher's blog after all, and occasionally I am going to talk about my job. Today, though, I'm much happier.

Had another great session with the Drama Club. The seniors organized a teamwork building event for the juniors. The usual stuff: "crossing the river" on pieces of cardboard planks and building the tallest free-standing structure using unlikely building materials. Fun activities which everybody got involved in, no one was left out. Proud of the fact that everyone made it across the river together despite losing a few valuable planks; and that the chaos of the two drinking straw structures suddenly gelled and became two visually arresting, sturdy 3-D objects that did stand on their own. The structres were supposed to stand for just four seconds, but both would still remain standing right now if we hadn't had to trash them as we cleaned up after ourselves.

It was also encouraging that the envisioning exercise threw up a lot of enterprise and some far-reaching goals that are very much in-line with what the advising staff are hoping to accomplish. The fact that the club independently came up with these goals without any consultation from us means that we are on the same wavelength and I think the juniors are mentally ready to take on these new challenges.

Just think: Halloween might still go on this year; my long hoped for busking festival might see light of day at last; our travelling road-show could just hit the road; and our collaborative theatrical event is now a possibility. And there were other suggestions as well for other fun and exciting ventures. All very ambitious, but now that the vision and the spirit have coincided the groundwork can now begin. I hope the flesh, though, is ready to cooperate.

Today we also introduced Melissa, the new staff advisor to the Drama Club. Between now and next year with all these potentialities needing realisation, we sure appreciate the extra pair of hands. Welcome aboard, Mel!

We finished off our meeting with another round of Captain's Ball, though I wasn't able to join in today. Apologies, guys! Gid went crazy with his camera, and I would love to get my hands on the pix so I can u/l them into the Drama Club album for everyone to see. It's been getting a little dusty lately. How 'bout it, Gid?

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