Monday, July 05, 2004

Just made it onto campus to continue marking. Happy Youth Day! No Q-tip in tow because I'm bloody late and there's no time to get her ready. I can't afford to lose any time now, except maybe to make a quick blog entry. Heh.

You can guess why I'm late. The Greeks 1, the Portuguese 0! Watched the match through half-closed eyes and saw Charisteas head in Greece's and the game's only goal on the replay. Good for the Greeks! The underdog wins this one.

Well, what should you have expected from the guys who sailed across the sea, whacked the general of the greatest army in the East, burned down his hometown to the ground and toasted marshmallows in its embers afterwards? And they did it this time without a wooden horse too! Thanks to the civilized game of soccer, Lisbon should be safe from razing -- as long as the England fans have gone home already.

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