Saturday, December 04, 2004

Went shopping again on Orchard Road. This time we hit Scotts, Tangs, Lucky Plaza, The Heeren, Centrepoint and Cineleisure. Although our main objective was to walk down from Orchard MRT to PS, we never made it. There was just too much to look at between Orchard and Somerset to move any further than that.

Lunched at the Island Cafe on the top floor of Tangs. Very good local food at premium prices. Used to be, the place was just a self-service cafeteria where I would sometimes go for a reasonably priced lunch when I worked around the area back then. These days, it's been upgraded. Now, we have to 'wait to be seated' and we have a menu rather than a chalkboard to make our selections from. Wait staff are polite and top up our glasses with ice-cold water. Good eating places always ensure the water they serve is kept well-chilled.

I ordered a chicken bryani and it came with chicken curry on the side. Mmmm... tender boneless chicken in a spicy dry curry. June's Indonesian Fried Rice was a very generous mountain of rice fried in lots of shallots and some other spices I couldn't identify, but the flavour was just gorgeous. Accompanying the rice were 2 sticks of chicken satay, some chicken curry (same as mine), a handful of fried egg strips and another handful of keropok (prawn crackers). There was so much on June's plate, even I couldn't help her finish everything, and that's quite saying something. It was quite an expensive meal, considering the same dishes are usually a fraction of the price we paid, but then this meal was a level above the usual.

Major annoyance occurred when we were at the Heeren. When we took the escalator down from 3rd to 2nd floor we heard a dull thud, like someone had dropped something solid on the floor. We didn't bother to turn around and look but 5 seconds later we found out exactly what had fallen. From behind, a girl's voice made an apologetic exclamation just before something cold and very wet hit me on the shoulder soaking my right sleeve. The same wet substance splashed into June's sandal as well, though fortunately it had missed the shopping bag June was carrying.

The bimbo behind us had dropped a bottle of Coke then picked it up and immediately opened the bottle top. Of course the pressurized contents just shot forward and hit us who were standing right in front of her. We tried to wash the mess off us to the best of our ability, but we still spent the rest of the afternoon, June with a sticky foot and as for me, somehow the Coke residue on my sleeve reacted with I don't know what -- my sweat maybe -- and it stank like improperly dried laundry. Blecch.

We stayed out like that till about early evening. Nothing stops us from our Christmas window shopping, eh?

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