Saturday, January 01, 2005

Hey! Lookit the date! We made it into 2005 and everything's new again. New kids, new workload, new promises, new ideas. For 03A2, it's having to cope with the fact that we're now disbanded and everyone's got new responsibilities, be they military, employment or further studies. I have a notorious memory for people and names, so I'll list you all here as according to my register to acknowledge you, to thank you for being such a major part of my life, and to remind myself that I don't wish to forget you now that you've moved on:
Rach, Mei, Yan, Pris, Farizah, Lynn, Nige, 'nette, Ron, 'rah, 'sif, Fadzli, Fifi, Iqbal, Sarab, Sidi, Farisa, Kareen, Mindy, Chun, and 'gel.

Also, to the members of NYeDC 03-04, the experience of bringing "The Odyssey" to life with you is something I don't want to forget either.
Gid, Sam, Ramzi, Sanjeeda, Anita, Heng Tin, Durga, Meixian, Joanne, Melissa, Junxian, Mei, 'sif, Adam, Ain, Gavin, Reina, Liu Yin, Pei Rong, Shariffah, and Teng How.

It'll be hard going without Cara, my good friend and the den mother holding the club together. I hope Mel can take her place 'cos between Pete and me our people skills are practically non-existent. Bit worried about that.

New challenges to cope with and overcome then for 2005. A couple of days left to hide under my rock then it'll be time to meet the new year with all cylinders firing.

May 2005 be a great year for all of us! Cheers!

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