Saturday, February 05, 2005

Went to support the college team in the Debate Invites on campus. A number of colleges sent their 1st year teams to be blooded for the first time in the earliest inter-college tournament of the year.

For Vince, Anthony, Amy and me, we also took the opportunity to skip out between Shah's opening address and our team's first contest to have a leisurely breakfast at Ya Kun, J8. I wish Ya Kun would let us crack open our own eggs rather than serve them already swimming in a saucer at the collection point. It may be one form of quality control, ensuring the customer gets eggs done just right, but eggs cool off quickly like that and get yuckky if not immediately consumed. Still, I am amazed at the size of the egg yolks they serve -- big -- and the generosity of the butter slab that goes in between each slice of toast. Good stuff.

Back on campus we watched both our matches against Millennia and National. Must say we were lucky to beat Millennia. The adjudicator took great pains to thoroughly explain the faults of both teams and the debaters had a really good lesson in debating at competition level. We won not because we had a particularly strong or well-argued case but because we cast sufficient reasonable doubt on our opponent's. Though we fielded a stronger team against National, we didn't make it past them though we might have if we had more confidence of delivery, could think faster and had more passion and belief in what we were presenting.

1 win, 1 loss. Acceptable result, I suppose.

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