Saturday, May 28, 2005

I am stretched thin at work. Coping with a ratio of 76:1 for one subject and 50:1 for another means that my time in actual contact with individual kids can hardly be significant to them. Case in point: today I took one group of students to the NUSCC for the National NE Quiz '05 (some memories there for 03A2, yah?) then I had to abandon them there to sit through the entire experience while I returned to campus to meet my PW groups for another round of project consultations.

I feel like I've been running out on my classes a lot and that they haven't got the full benefit of my undivided attention due to one committment or another in my capacities as subject tutor, Drama Club in-charge, NE Coord, and having to prepare and undergo training for The New Subject as of next year. Speaking of which, the curriculum planning people for The New Subject came down to meet me and NBS on campus in the afternoon to see how we are coping, if we had any further concerns and for ideas as to how they can help us make the transition. A useful meeting, I think, and it's nice to see sincerity and concern on their part for us on the frontlines.

Oh, how did we do in the Quiz? Same result as last year. 3rd in our round, thus not qualifying for the Grand Finals. Hope 05A3 got to learn some NE trivia for their trouble. Thanks, guys!

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