Thursday, June 30, 2005

Bathroom tiles arrived today, much earlier than appointed. I was already on campus and June was just leaving for work when notice came to her via our block cleaning staff that a stack of tiles had been delivered to the block unloading bay, a.k.a. the block garbage dump. June calls to appraise me of the situation and I get permission from Boss-lady to take an hour off to settle my domestic emergency.

5 boxes, 12 tiles per box. Nett weight per box: 19kg. Individually hand carried back to my unit by myself. June couldn't even lift one, though she tried to help. They're all now sitting nicely on my living room floor waiting to be installed next week. Maybe my muscles and bones will knit themselves together by then too.

In the afternoon, the water heater got installed. Hot showers again! So spoilt, right? And our bathroom contractor dropped in to take a look at the tempered glass partition in the bathroom which we asked him to save and reinstall once the renovation is done. He came over, took some measurements, worked out his sums and priced this 'extra' at $350. Thank God (and HDB) for our repair subsidy.

In the evening I was horribly upset by yet another letter from the Traffic Police. I quote: "Inconsiderate Driving (Non-Accdt LV)* Under S65 RTA CAP 276" and this one comes with demerit points: 9 (Nooooo....!!!) and fine: $170 >O<. The date and time: 5 April 2005, 1109 am. This is no longer funny. I reread my entry for that day to recall what I did to deserve this summons: On 5 April a truck had damaged M2's rear early in the morning and at 1100 I was coming back from reporting the accident at IDAC Braddell. My situation at the time should be grounds enough to mount an appeal against this TP charge. Item 1: I was a relatively new driver..., Item 2: driving and still getting used to a new car..., Item 3: in a slightly distracted state of mind after having suffered survived an auto collision a few hours ago..., Item 4: traveling for the first time as a driver on a road with lanes leading off in confusing directions while trying to figure out where I should go next to get to my intended destination.

Despite what I said earlier, I am NOT a bad driver and I feel quite victimized by this spate of correspondences. 9 demerit points is damnedly serious and needs at least an attempt to fight off. I'll have to use the Youth Day hol on Monday to 'have tea' with the TP in their HQ and get this straightened out. Wish me luck!

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