Monday, June 27, 2005

Yet another half a year has flown by again. Today begins Term 3 of the school year and we celebrated this red-letter day with the GP mid-year exam. Marking open season begins as a result and I have a bunch of essays to finish marking before Friday. With 3 days' worth of concentrated marking, I should be able to put a major dent in my marking quota, then I can travel to KL over the weekend with a clear conscience.

June's been busy looking for accessories to touch up my pirate costume. She found my hoop earring and a plastic cutlass, which I will have to explain to customs is meant as a costume prop and not for threatening the bus driver with to take me to Trengganu. Now that everyone's expecting to wear some kind of costume, June's slowly starting to ponder her options. Let's see.

Finally, after weeks of showering with cold water since our heater died on us, we're getting a new one installed on Thursday. I thought it would get easier to accept cold showers through repeated acclimatization, but it turned out not to be. We were actually waiting to do up the heater during the Great Toilet Renovation but since we've decided to cut out the 'dream' part of 'dream toilet' in the hopes of being able to afford some travel later this year the heater can come in first. We're not doing the wall tiles anymore.

And I've just received my first traffic summons. Apparently, as I interpret the letter, I changed lanes at a place I wasn't supposed to. I have no idea how they discovered my crime, and I have no memory of ever having committed such a thing, but given the way I drive, it's quite plausible that I did. So the penalty is 4 demerit points (bloody ouch!) and a $130 fine (doh!). Maybe I should cancel 'Initial-D" off my must-watch list.

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