Friday, September 30, 2005

Finally got to see the inside of a doctor's consultation room after nearly 2 years of being in the pink of health. Well, a dirty-pinkish shade, anyway.

Smashed my knee on the lanes during training on Tuesday -- way harder than usual -- and by yesterday my already knobbly kneecap developed an additional contour that looked a bit alarming. Left alone, there wasn't much pain but when I pressed my finger into it, it felt mushy and it bloody well hurt. Time to get it looked at by a professional.

June's office covers spouse's medical claims so I took the opportunity to make use of this fringe benefit at least once before the policy expires permanently. This meant going to an approved company doctor, and there are 3 or 4 in the Yishun area alone. I found one just behind the MRT station, in block 744.

The GP is a slightly elderly gentleman who is very talkative and detailed in explaining all the possible injuries my knee could have sustained. After various leg extensions and rotations on the examination table, he confirmed that since I still had full movement in the joint, the injury was thankfully locallized to the patella and that the swelling and pain should subside within a week, given rest.

Got from him a painkiller, and anti-inflammatory and a gel-ointment (external application only). No permanent damage, then. Phew.

Edit 01:
Since I was on medical leave, I arranged to meet Vince to get my stack of essays to be marked over the weekend. At the same time, I took Mimi and Q-tip along for an afternoon outing. We met at East Coast Park, which Vince said was a good place to get an afternoon's quota of marking done.

And so it was that me, 2 dogs, Vince, Anthony, Weng and Amy ended up on the beach. First, we had lunch at the Beach Hut (sorry to say, but the food wasn't very good); then casting our cares and scripts aside, played petanque instead. Ahhh, rest... just what the doctor ordered.

Lovely, lazy afternoon. Thanks for the company, y'all!

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