Thursday, September 08, 2005


I began this blog with the intention to record the true day-to-day story of my life. A bit like a soap-opera in that sense.

It was fun for a while, and having an audience -- a very niche but loyal one -- encouraged me to continue writing and honing my craft. But it also led to an addiction to constantly seeking out new experiences, new excitements to blog about. You could say that the life I've lived the past year or so was more for the sake of my blog rather than the other way around. It was great to read my past entries and think that my life was an extraordinary one after all. [Those of you who have been following up on my stories, indulge me this one illusion, ok?]

Through these entries, I've sailed dangerous waters, hinted at potential disasters, but it was fun for me to feel like I was in complete control navigating these choppy currents. But the thrill of the ride made me forget that I have a passenger with me who was getting seasick being tossed about with my erratic tacking. Someone who came aboard hoping for a more stable, secure ride and was getting increasingly annoyed with every stomach-lurching course correction.

Real life and blog life collided yesterday, and real life must always win out. My time spent blogging and finding things to blog about must be channelled towards matters of a more personal and domestic nature. Thus, and with great regret, the Off-Duty Educator is now off-line. Thank you all. You really have been a wonderful audience.


Draw a line across.

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