Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Went bowling with the Gutter Boyz at the CSC after OPs. Seriously needed to unwind.
# of Games: 6
Average: 158
Clean Game: 1
High Game: 216 (personal best to date!)
After throwing a few crappy games, I think I've finally got the hang of CSC's lanes. Let's see if I can repeat this feat again another day.

June had to entertain a HK business visitor so they had dinner at Equinox, leaving me to my own devices this evening. Found company with Anthony, Amy and later Wendy, and we had dinner at Blue Jaz, the Dunlop Street branch. Navigating around Little India was quite an experience. I haven't even walked those narrow streets before, let alone drive through, sharing the road with pedestrians, bicyclists, hand-pushed carts and trolleys piled high with goods or recyclables. Finding parking here takes patience and luck, and a good navigation sense since it's unlikely you'll get parking right at the place you want to get to, unless you're Anthony who's quite lucky about these things.

Parked on Dickson, just a short walk away from Dunlop. Interesting sights and scents with the backpackers' hostels; quaint, cosy pubs and bistros; mixed in with electronics stores, stores that sell junk (literally), and traditional Indian goods. The scent of jasmine and Indian spices is unusual, almost appetizing, and I was looking forward to eating soon.

Blue Jaz here offers an all-day, all-American breakfast with coffee for under $5, as are many other items on the menu. I had the dory (smooth, white fish) but it wasn't enough to satisfy my raging hunger. So I ordered a companion plate of cheese fries (cheese whiz, more like), a choc milkshake and later, an earl grey tea. For the price, the food really isn't bad. Not great, but decent sized portions and reasonably tasty.

No luck here with dessert either. Had my eye on a brownie a la mode featured on the menu, but only the NY cheesecake was available. Not quite what I had in mind. Too bad.

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