Monday, December 05, 2005

I thought that the phenomenon of campus security making up its own rules occurred only in movies involving American academia. Today I was barred from entering the college compound with Q-tip, whom I brought with me to work. Whose rule was that? Whenever did "no dogs allowed" become campus policy? How quickly people forget...

Our campus once excelled at dog-friendliness. We hosted a posse of dogs who patrolled our compound and kept it safe. They knew who belonged on campus and who didn't. At night when it got dark, the dogs were known to escort late-staying students out to the main gate. All they asked for was a meal a day and a place to stay. How much better security could we have asked for? They didn't understand much English, though. But lately, this deficiency seems less and less of a problem for the employment market.

When it was time for campus redevelopment, for their own safety the dogs had to go stay in the kennels at staff expense, which we gladly paid. Unfortunately, once the new building was complete, they didn't come back. Guess we forgot about them after that.

And now we have this lamentable situation. Here we're trying to teach our students to respect life in all its myriad forms. Human beings don't live alone on this planet; moreover, we won't survive on this planet if we became the only species of life on the planet -- which, sadly, is what we seem to be expending a lot of energy on these days. And then we implement a "humans only" policy. And we wonder why the state of the world is such. Go figure.

On a happier note, in the afternoon June, JY and I met NBS in her home element: Fuji Ice Palace. That's the 'first' I mentioned in my previous post. I miss ice-skating in winter so I took the opportunity to take my blading L-plates and see how well they can put their skills to use on ice. Pix follow:

Despite our hand signals, people continually speed past our road-block. Maybe we should also face the other way? Posted by Picasa

...3 ...4 ...5. Yup, I still have all my fingers. Posted by Picasa

JY isn't here by accident. She's here to accompany her CT kids too. Posted by Picasa

JY and June insist there should only be 2 in this picture. I'm just so thick skinned. Posted by Picasa

You guessed it! Today's secret number is 2! Posted by Picasa

And finally, we got news this evening that the scavenger quest was over and we didn't win it. :( Met with the team at Blu Jaz to comiserate over mango smoothies and chocolate shakes. And Q-tip provided some much-needed pet therapy for everyone. Good girl!

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