Monday, December 05, 2005

Started the day with June and JY at J8's Ya Kun Kaya. Totally screwed up my order. Instead of teh-o, I got teh, and my order of cheese toast with kaya came without the kaya. Guess the auntie at the cashier's counter didn't speak English as well as I thought. Then again, 'teh-o' isn't really English, is it?

For once, the 3 of us had a coordinated blading session in Bish Park. As a trio we circled Park II a grand total of 5 times almost continuously. It was bright sunshine today, quite the contrast from yesterday's dismal dreariness. It was still relatively early morning so we had to dodge cyclists (including a mad little boy way over the speed limit), dogs, L-plate bladers, etc., but the girls are showing great improvement. Less fear, more enjoyment, fewer falls.

Dropped JY off at home then met Weng and co. at No 49 Katong Laksa for more scavenger quest strategizing. I stole Wendy's parking space unwittingly (sorry, Wendy!) but she was prepared to be forgiving this time. This place Weng swears is the good one, and, yes it was pretty ok. Problem with laksa is that we shouldn't classify it as 'food.' It counts more like a 'snack,'and anything that tastes this good can't be healthy, anyway.

While we were there, Weng brought us to Puteri Mas where June bought a box of powerful durian puffs that didn't survive long when our little party tore into it. The sign on the shop claims "100% durian." Wonder what they make the pastry out of?

After this little motivational boost, we hit town again looking at the Orchard Road shopping malls for any sign of the next clue. But till now, we've had no luck. Bah.

All throughout today, in all this activity, I haven't been feeling so good. My bones ache, I have a slight headache, my throat is sore and I've been sneezing too. Hope it only because I slept badly last night, and not that the flu I've been incubating all year has now chosen to hatch. Not a good time, you hear? Anyway, I'll try to sleep it off tonight as tomorrow promises to be another exciting 'first.' See how.

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