Friday, January 13, 2006

June's gone shopping with S-i-L, so what's an old man gonna do on a Friday evening? Why, lots of things! After work I went straight to SAFRA for a little 'secret training,' but the lanes were packed out with screaming schoolchildren, so I took the wisest course of action and beat a hasty retreat. Didn't even stay long enough for my parking to cost anything.

Went home to feed the animals, then still feeling restless I decided to take the longest drive I could think of -- to Popeye's at Terminal 1 -- blasting the i-Pod along the way. Lunch had digested quickly, and I could almost taste that chicken.

Knew I had depleted my finances before leaving the house so a quick stop at the ATM at the airport and... no wallet!

I swear, Alzheimer's is out to get me early. I'd left the house without credit card, NETS card, ID card, Driving Licence; nothing but the clothes on my back. If Alzheimer's had struck then and became full-blown amnesia, I'd be wandering around on the runway before being picked up by the local authorities and kept in a "safe place" until someone thought to come and claim me sometime. Soon, hopefully.

Thankfully I still had my cash card so I could pay 42 cents for parking. Drove straight home to make sure I hadn't lost my wallet somewhere en route. I hadn't. It was simply a case of "left in my other pants." Now I'm just too lazy to go out anymore. Guess I wasn't meant to leave home tonight.

Maybe I can find some cup noodles in the pantry...

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