Sunday, January 22, 2006

A small, manageable group went blading today: June and me, JY and Tonny; Chewy dropped in on us a little later just to say, "hi!" Chewy's giving her injured knee another 2 weeks to rest and then she'll join us proper again.

Today we made 7 orbits around the park (Tonny blading backwards for most of the way) and the girls would want me to note that neither fell even once today. The obligatory splat came from myself, thanks to a twig that got lodged in my wheels while I was going at speed. No damage to my person, though my wristguard did pick up a sizeable chunk of Bishan turf.

Jen might be annoyed that we parked within a few steps of her front door but we didn't visit her [so we won't tell her, right?]. We were actually on our way to buy CNY cookies from the auntie at Katong Antique House who has become good friends with June ever since the scavenger quest of last month. We even had to buy our pineapple tarts and I'm sure there'll be lots of disappointed people this year who were looking forward to June's homemade variety.

Lunched at Glory Cafe. June ordered so much -- lodeh, beef rendang, chicken curry, sambal kangkong, sambal sotong -- I couldn't believe we polished the lot off between the both of us. But I was grateful for the Bundaberg Peachee. I was thirsty.

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