Saturday, January 14, 2006

The sun has finally shown us some face after having disappeared behind rainclouds for more than a week. It would have been a great day for outdoor activities, but since June will be unable to bake her fab CNY cookies this year -- her new job's been keeping her too busy -- we went to buy some, like normal people.

Some TV programme June watched recommended Poh Guan Cake House (Blk 531 Upp. Cross St.) so we picked up our nian gao from them along with a tin of love letters. The floor above Poh Guan houses a food court that did very nicely as an alternative lunch venue to the more popular ones at Chinatown Complex and Maxwell Road Market. The Hokkien prawn noodle soup was tasty enough, and though I've tasted stronger, this one held its own quite well. There were long lines at other stalls too, so this place should be worth exploring further when we have the time.

Dropped in on Mr Leow. My contact lenses are way past a year old and my eyes are demanding new ones. Good to know that my eyesight is still stable, and Leow is even thinking of reducing the power a little. Says they'll be ready before the new year.

We acknowledged the sun closer to evening time. Dinner at ECP hawker centre where we got excellent beef noodles from the stall where you have to wait in line for about 20 minutes (or more? I occasionally fell asleep while waiting, so my sense of time is a bit screwed) before you even get to place your order. Then an after dinner stroll on the beach with Q-tip. We have so missed the sun.

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