Monday, February 13, 2006

Not feeling particularly inspired today. Most of the morning I was on duty advising kids who were trying to decide on signing up for one college or another now that their final grades are out. Ostensibly, my role was to give advice on matters relating to my subjects, but most of the inquiries were simply about whether their exam scores will qualify them for admission to our college.

It’s quite flattering that there are kids who want to apply to us after having experienced a term with some other colleges. But if they only have borderline scores, we can only commiserate with them a bit, and inform them that their postings are solely determined by the Ministry, based on strength of demand, and not by us. We also had to advise a few to be realistic about their commuting distances, besides their academic placement.

4 hours of repeatedly giving this kind of advice to kids and their parents made me numb pretty quickly. I’m thinking, what the heck, y’know, at least at their age, they have a choice about which JC to apply for. At least they qualified. Many other people didn’t.

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