Friday, February 17, 2006

One thing I've enjoyed about Friday so far this year is that it's practically the only day of the week that I can drive out to have lunch at the correct time. Technically, I have a 90 minute break but it takes time to organize a feeding party so in practice it's about an hour both to eat and commute to and fro. NBS and I have to be back for afternoon tutorial.

Vince drove today, me riding shotgun, while Amy and NBS tried to make themselves comfortable in the back seat amidst the, um... assorted administrative paraphenalia, spare attire, and other debris and detritus [word of the day: I swore to use it in today's entry, by hook or by crook!] that usually occupy the aforementioned space.

For some reason, all through lunch (at Ivin's btw) I seemed to be continually teasing and needling NBS, and feeling like a little kid again, taking great joy in tormenting a younger sibling, revelling in simply being mean. Guess it was either me taking the opportunity to be childish, or she was just walking around with an illuminated target painted on her back.

Fortunately, she didn't take it to heart. And I felt a bit sorry, so after tutorial I gave her a lift home with civil conversation and no further incident.

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