Friday, February 10, 2006

Still hee hawing my way through. Stayed on campus till late, editing stories for the NY-X print edition with Vince and Amy until Auntie really, really had to lock up and go home. We broke for dinner at Cartel, Gardens, then off home for further editing, still keeping in contact with the two by MSN. And that was just last night!

After barely 2-3 hours sleep, we're back on campus rushing the final edits before submission to the printers.

This donkey is so lucky to have such willing assistance from two great pals and he is grateful.

We finished the final edits early this evening, and now the roughs are with the printer, ready for a more professional layout job, though I daresay we did a reasonably credible job struggling with MS Word as a layout programme. We've worked like mad, and there were lots of silly, frustrating obstacles throwing up unexpected panic moments, but we survived.

My only regret is that we didn't specify for some of our Journalism students to be attached to us as we worked so they'd see for themselves how many steps and processes their stories have to go through before it appears, as if by magic, on A3 newsprint.

The students have to learn to take over the job from us, leh. It is their paper, after all!

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