Monday, February 06, 2006

Took M2 back to the Mazda workshop for his 20k km servicing. Yup. Have already travelled the approximate equivalent of a road trip from Singapore to Luxembourg and back within the few days shy of a year from the time he began driving with me. [In case you want to know how I came up with this comparison, I used a distance-between-cities calculator, here.]

Amazing how many Mazdas show up at the workshop daily. It's like a clinic that starts filling up with patients when the doors open first thing in the morning. Some patients, like M2, are there for a routine physical. There are many others who are there for assorted scrapes, bumps and bruises, like the one in the parking bay next to mine, whose owner was a little grumpy and understandably so.

There was a newish-looking M3 that drove in whose rear end had caved in. It was probably a truck that left a long bumper-like indentation on it's rear fender. As it drove past me in the workshop, the trunk popped open on its own and flapped helplessly along as the driver sought a bay to put into. I could barely hold back my tears.

I inquired about repairing the scrape along M2's left rear door. The mech advised me that it wasn't worth the $400 to get it knocked back and resprayed as the scrape wasn't so deep that there was a risk of corrosion. So M2 will have to live with his scar. Guess it adds character. Hur.

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