Friday, July 28, 2006

Friends@Maju has just changed its lunchtime set menu. Just as well; we were getting a bit tired of their previous one.

Today being Friday, we felt the need for more pampering so Amy, Dee, Josh and I went for the more expensive set lunch option. Josh's ox-tail stew came in a healthy-sized portion and looked like it melted in the mouth. Amy picked the bones of her baby back ribs clean, 'nuff said. Dee and I ordered the seafood jambalaya. For a portion of what actually amounts to seafood fried rice it actually made my mouth and stomach happy. The shrimp and fish pieces were tender and fresh and the mix of spices in the rice was novel and, um, sang! I really don't quite know how else to express the sensation. Fine. Maybe I'm gushing a little, but I haven't been disappointed by this place yet.

Speaking of friends, I really do appreciate the mealtime companionship I've enjoyed, especially from Amy and Vince, without whom dinner would have been quite dreary this week in particular. Not to say that Q-tip doesn't make good company, but her subjects of conversational interest are somewhat... limited. Thanks, guys! :)

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