Wednesday, July 12, 2006

June's off and running again, living the jet-set life and leaving me to tend the home fires till she gets back on the weekend. This will be the first of a scheduled series of "out-station" trips, though not all for work-related issues.

Gonna have to get used to the quiet around the house for a few days on end. At one time in my life I would have thought such days would have been days of luxury, days to dream of and die for; but these days I prefer my isolation in moderation. Never mind, I get enough chaos at work to keep my adrenaline levels pumped so I'm ready to enjoy a quiet evening at home with the animals after hours.

In a strange, but not altogether unexpected turn of events, I facilitated lunch with the newbies. We made a return to Gardens Market after a collective absence of, who knows how long? But because there were so many of us today, we had to split tables. Since I drove the newbies down, I felt it would be better form to sit with them and not ditch them at the first opportunity.

As in any social grouping of relative strangers, conversation was careful, tending to remain within the boundaries of our so-called areas of expertise, not exactly the bimbo talk I'm more used to. Wish I could have been a better host and got everybody to lighten up immediately, but my social skills aren't quite up to that standard yet. Still, the conversation didn't run dry and we had things to say till it was time to leave, so for stepping out of my comfort zone, I think I did pretty ok.

Had company of a different sort species at dinner. Took Q-tip to the Colbar where I wolfed down a sirloin steak with egg, chips and beans. Excellent stuff -- homestyle cooking, just the way grandma made it way back then. In the quiet of my table I pondered KI (of all things!) while Q-tip kept a wary eye on a roving chihuahua who was making eyes at her.

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