Thursday, August 03, 2006

What a smack in the face for our proud, grand institution of Education. Wake up and smell the coffee, 'cos apparently corporate society doesn't want people with academic smarts any longer. Nope. Higher education, in fact, is becoming increasingly a liability for those of us inclined towards, as students like to say in their essays on education, "getting a good job." Employers are now looking for people who have the skills to attract people, hold their attention, interact with them, and -- above all -- can have a great time with anyone, anywhere, anytime, anyhow. This cynically astute observation appeared in TIME Magazine, online version here.

In corporate America, the mugger-toad with his nose in a book, and speaks in proper grammar when he finds both the occasion and the courage to say something, will live and die under the rock he never crawled out from. Good riddance, too!

Fortunately (or unfortunately?), we live in the rest of the world alongside the "Chinese and Indian brainiacs." Waitaminnit, we ARE the "Chinese and Indian brainiacs!" So let's not give up on studying yet, ok? And in any case, whoever said that education is only meant to prepare students for employment?

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