Thursday, May 31, 2007

Our good host, 'tilda, raises a glass and declares the evening's festivities open!

Co-host, Nige, raises many an eyebrow with this makeover

It's always happiest at the buffet table.

Our 3 drama beauties, and drama queens all.

The serious business of face stuffing.

Outgoing Pres, Van, addresses her minions one last time.

Over a glass o' red, Gerald and Tina find themselves good company.

Yes 'tilda, you've been a great host so far. You can let your hair down now.

In case you haven't figured it out yet, this is the official Othello Post-production Party. We're at the Gardens' Country Club and carrying on like tomorrow's a public holiday or something. Gotta hand it to the Drama Club, it certainly was an entertaining evening, what with our hosts in drag, a slideshow of candid production shots, silly improv games, thank-you speeches, oh, and I finally got to see the end of Othello -- on video anyway.

Also got to bowl as well, with the drama kids! No competition, no pressure. Just throw ball, laugh, cheer, whatever. And duck every time Johnny chucks his ball down the lane.

Thanks for a great time, Mel and NYeDC!

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